Wednesday, 15 August 2012

New Extensions & Corrections 33 (2011)

The new issue of Extensions and Corrections to the UDC No. 33 (2011), contains a number of reports and articles and the substantial list of changes introduced to the UDC in 2011. Revised tables in total contain information about 2,281 new UDC classes, 741 cancelled classes with their redirection and changes of text in 964 classes.

Highlights in the revised changes:
  •  Botany class 582.4/.9 Gymnosperms - the original proposal was discussed and revised during 2011 and the new class which is now broadly aligned with the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group system - APG III (2009) was introduced in the UDC MRF 2011 this spring. Read more.
  • Geological time division "61/62" which complies with the subdivision adopted by the International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS); simple notation for months of the year replacing combinations used before (Common auxiliaries of time - Table 1g).
  • Place subdivision for Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Brazil, Sudan and South Sudan.
The UDC Master Reference File 2011 contains now over 70,000 classes.
All cancelled classes and their redirections are, as usual, published online.
See also Bibliography of UDC editions and UDC-related publications published in this issue.

The following texts from this issue are also published in the Digital Library of Information Science and Technology (DLIST) repository and are availale online:
The Extensions and Corrections to the UDC web page contains information about this and other issues.

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