Saturday 29 September 2007

New UDC tool from MagnaView

At the UDC seminar 2007 in The Hague, MagnaView presented an innovative visual application which gives you the possibility to view the UDC Master Reference File in novel ways, and to interact with it visually.

From MagnaView UDC Viewer brochure:
"UDC Viewer offers you an instant and visual access to the complete content of the Master Reference File (MRF), i.e. to all records and all tags. UDC-viewer makes use of a pre-processed and extended version of MRF and gives you more than 20 different views, each including the complete MRF or part of the MRF like the Main Table.
MagnaView visulizes the data of the MRF in various views and allows users to use the MRF interactively. The user can, for example:

- Zoom in/out to a specific part of the data by double-clicking
- Filter: user can exclude part of the data
- Hide or show details
- Make a selection of the data by dragging the mouse
- Select by search for values of specific tags and by simple string search
- Link Google, allowing Internet search of all terms in MRF"

You can read more information about features, price and purchase in the product brochure.

Sunday 9 September 2007

UDC at IFLA 2007

A UDC Update meeting at the 73rd IFLA General Conference and Council in Durban - South Africa, took place on Monday 20 August 2007 for an informal exchange of information about UDCC and the current work on UDC. See the UDC Update 2007 report.

The UDC editor in chief Maria Ines Cordeiro also participated in the 5th Annual Dewey Translators Meeting, on 21 August 2007, giving a brief update on the Universal Decimal Classification. Dewey and UDC editors met later for an informal meeting to discuss shared interests in classification data management and representation of knowledge organization systems. See more at The Dewey's Blog "How can we all work together?".