Tuesday 4 October 2011

Classification & Ontology - another successful International UDC Seminar

Classification & Ontology: Formal Approaches and Access to Knowledge

The International UDC Seminar 2011 took place on 19-20 September in The Hague and was attended by 141 delegates from 30 countries from Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia.

The keynote address by Patrick Hayes kick-started a two-day programme consisting of 21 talks and two poster presentations.

Following the opening talk, speakers from different domains expanded on their particular view of what ontologies and knowledge structures may mean in their specialised areas of work and what aspects of ontological analysis or formal ontology modelling are relevant in the world of knowledge classifications. A number of talks stressed the urgency for knowledge classification schemes to be published as linked data and the limitations of the existing web ontology standards, SKOS specifically, were revisited a number of times. Presentations about particular schemes illustrated that classifications may indeed require more thought with regards to modelling.

* Slides and audio recordings can be accessed from the conference programme page.

* Proceedings, published by Ergon, can be purchased online on the conference website.

Classification & Ontology was the third biennial conference in a series of UDC Seminars organized by the UDC Consortium and hosted by Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of the Netherlands).