Saturday 20 February 2010

UDC Summary: 17 languages online

This weekend we uploaded over 2000 UDC classes in the Ukranian language into the UDC Summary. This is the 17th language so far.

Thanks to help from the publishers and editors of national editions and editors of the UDC Summary, we managed to import almost the complete set of UDC numbers that we needed for many languages.

Our online translator seems to do its job and is being expanded with further features as we speak. Most of the credit, however, goes to our hard working volunteers without whom the whole project would not be possible. We expect that many languages of those that are already online will be completed and proofread by June 2010.

The first alphabetical index and mapping to Dewey summary will appear in March. And we also hope to have the first useful exports available for download. We will be looking for other mappings that may be available and we welcome ideas and suggestions.