Friday 27 July 2007

E-mail change for UDC Consortium

New contact e-mail for UDC Consortium is now mail (at) udcc (dot) org.

If you need to contact some of the members of the UDCC or UDC Editorial Team directly you will find contact details at UDCC members web page.

Conference Announcement: STI-2007, Moscow, 24-26 October 2007

7th International Conference on Information Society, Intelligent Information Processing, Information Technologies (STI-2007) will be held on 24-26 October in Moscow.

The conference is dedicated to the 55th anniversary of VINITI (All-Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information).

The main objective of the conference are trends and challenges in the information infrastructure of Russia and ways of its integration into world information community. Problems of intelligent information processing and new information technologies, innovation and investment in information activity. STI-2007 offers opportunity to meet outstanding Russian and foreign experts in the field of intelligent information processing and information technologies, to renew old links and to establish new ones.

Abstracts or full papers should be submitted no later than 1 August 2007 to

Sunday 15 July 2007

UDC Update meeting at IFLA 2007,

The editor in chief of the UDC - Maria Ines Cordeiro invites you to the:

UDC UPDATE at the 73rd IFLA General Conference and Council "Libraries for the future: Progress, Development and Partnerships" - Durban, South Africa. The meeting will be held on

Monday 20 August, 13.00-14.00h, Room 12ab

The UDC UPDATE is an informal meeting to share general information and latest news about the Universal Decimal Classification. Representatives and collaborators of the UDC Consortium will be there to exchange information and views with users and publishers of the UDC. If you are attending IFLA and are interested in UDC matters, please make a note in your conference diary!

Tuesday 3 July 2007

Improved version of Visual UDC by MagnaView - in September 2007

At the UDC Seminar in June 2007, MagnaView, a Dutch company, announced that a special UDC-version of their solution for visual browsing of UDC would be released on 1st July. MagnaView has decided to postpone this release until 1st September 2007 to further improve this version.

Erik Jan van der Linden's presentation "Visual Universal Decimal Classification?" and a summary of his talk can be viewed here.

For more information contact MagnaView

Presentations from the UDC Seminar now available on the UDCC web

Presentations and paper abstracts - from the UDC Seminar that took place on 4-5 June 2007 at the UDC Headquarters in The Hague are now linked and available for download from the Seminar's Programme.