Saturday 26 September 2009

Proposal to extend class 004 Computer science by K. P. Singh

We have just received an interesting proposal for the extension of the UDC class 004 Computer science by Kunwar P Singh and Manisha Singh (Department of Library and Information Sceince, University of Delhi) - which we are looking forward to working on.

We have been annually updating class 004 ever since its major revision and publication in 1994, adding a couple of the most urgently needed concepts almost every year. Class 004, has over 850 records in the database. Some areas of 004, however, certainly need attention. Kunwar's proposal may be very helpful in updating the 004.4 Software part of the schedule, especially programming languages. What is also an excellent contribution is the subject-alphabetical index that we can also add to the UDC Master Reference File to improve searching.

I have recently looked into the BCS Taxonomy developed by Judi Vernau and I find the main separation of the field into academic and professional topics rather interesting albeit impossible to align with document indexing requirements. Anyway, UDC allows any other field of knowledge/application area to be related to 004 which obviously influences the basic structure and difference between a general knowledge classification and special classifications.

It is useful to note that we have selected the following subdivision of 004 to be published in the UDC summary:


004.2 Computer architecture
004.22 Data representation
004.23 Instruction set architecture
004.25 Memory system
004.27 Advanced architectures. Non-Von Neumann architectures
004.3 Computer hardware
004.31 Processing units. Processing circuits
004.32 Computer pathways
004.33 Memory units. Storage units
004.35 Peripherals. Input-output units
004.38 Computers. Kinds of computer
004.4 Software
004.41 Software engineering
004.42 Computer programming. Computer programs
004.43 Computer languages. INCL: Programming languages
004.45 System software: INCL: Operating systems
004.49 Computer infections
004.5 Human-computer interaction. Man-machine interface. User interface. User environment
004.51 Display interface
004.52 Sound interface
004.55 Hypermedia. Hypertext
004.58 User help
004.6 Data
004.62 Data handling
004.63 Files
004.65 Databases and their structures
004.67 Systems for numeric data
004.7 Computer communication. Computer networks
004.71 Computer communication hardware
004.72 Network architecture
004.73 Networks according to area covered
004.738 Network interconnection. Internetworking. INCL: Internet (WWW)
004.75 Distributed processing systems
004.77 General networking applications and services. INCL: Internet applications
004.78 Online computing systems for specific use
004.8 Artificial intelligence
004.9 Application-oriented computer-based techniques
004.91 Document processing and production. INCL: Word, text processing. Desktop publishing
004.92 Computer graphics. INCL: Geometric modelling. Animation
004.93 Pattern information processing
004.94 Simulation by computer. Virtual reality

Sunday 20 September 2009

Articles from E&C 30 (2008) online

Articles published in the "Extensions & Corrections to the UDC" journal, issue 30 (2008) are now available in DLIST: