Wednesday, 5 February 2014

New Dutch abridged UDC edition

A new Dutch abridged edition "Universele Decimale Classificatie: beknopte nederlandse uitgave 2013",  prepared by Dr. Gerhard J. A. Riesthuis was published by the UDC Consortium.

This edition is based on the standard UDC abridged database, which includes over 10,000 classes and is extended by the complete place subdivision for the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname and the Caribbean Netherlands and the history of the Dutch speaking countries.

The book has over 400 pages and contains an introduction to the UDC and a comprehensive alphabetical index of over 19,000 entries. It is envisaged as a practical manual for practitioners working with UDC and  for training and teaching classification.

The book can be ordered from the UDC Consortium online bookshop.
Price: € 59,00

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