Sunday 28 March 2010

UDC Summary - translation in progress for 21 languages

The UDC Summary translation team had a busy week. We have uploaded the top classes for Estonian and Armenian languages, just a day after we uploaded the top classes for Hindi and over 800 classes of Norwegian that we managed to extract from TEKORD data (courtesy of Rurik Greenal).

We now have 21 languages online and over 30 volunteers working on translations.

Our online translation tool is being enhanced as we speak. A browsing list with a colour scheme indicating record completion and enabling easy selection of records for translation was also added last week.

The online editor now allows the editing of a subject index and mapping. Access to this is now available for contributors working in this area.

The translation progress statistics can now be viewed for all 21 languages.

The progress statistics page harvests up-to-the-minute completion statistics for each language from the UDCS database and displays them in graph format using jQuery and jqPlot. The percentage completion figures for each language (compared to English) are shown in tables as the ones exposed on the right.

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